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Our mission is to help people thrive in life by thriving in work.

Happie believes that by humanizing the job search process and making it incredibly easy, frictionless, and fun for candidates and employers to find a great match, we'll bring about important changes in the world and make a difference in people's lives, all while building a massively successful business. 

For employers, we're developing the world's best system for sourcing and engaging the best candidates for your role. In 2 minutes per day, Happie fills your pipeline with top candidates who are ready to talk.  

For candidates, we eliminate the biggest frustrations in the job search process by delivering authentic information about jobs and teams and transparent communication about status. 

Happie is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts. We're backed by top-tier investors, and have a growing, passionate team

If you're bright, ambitious and awesome, you should check us out.

Our (happy) Happie customer list is growing by the day, and so is our team.

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