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Get discovered by employers, without sending a single application. No more spray and pray on job boards.

Get presented with opportunities matched to your professional background. Find your fit faster.

Accept or reject opportunities with one click, and connect for a quick chat if you're interested. It's that easy.

How It Works


Happie contacts you with invitiations to connect from employers interested in you. Accept or reject with a single click. 


Connect with employers you like for a quick conversation. 


Join the team if there's mutual interest! Or keep in contact if the timing or opportunity isn't right. Either way, you win. 

Happie is where awesome talent finds great companies.

We replace time-consuming, ineffective job applications with a simple, passive way to explore opportunities matched to your professional background.

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"I was stuck in a dead-end job until Happie reached out. They gave me a list of companies that fit my profile, and I interviewed with the first one on that list and got the job. Now I'm with a rapidly growing company that is invested in my future, and I have Happie to thank for all of it!"


Kyle Dellipoali

Happie Candidate & Sales Development Associate at ImpactRadius