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Simplify sourcing with a steady stream of qualified candidates, matched to your open roles.

Automate multi-channel outreach. Archive candidates you don't like at any time.

Make unlimited hires with your subscription. No contingency fees, no commissions. 

How It Works


Tell Happie about your open role and what kinds of candidates you need. 


We create a Happie job page, syndicate it to 100+ job boards, and actively source passive candidates to attract and find the best talent.


Browse the list of candidates matched to your open role & archive candidates you don't like.


We automatically reach out to candidates, and introduce you to ones who are ready to talk.


Hire unlimited candidates! No contingency fees, no commissions.



Learn how DayNine saved tens of thousands of dollars using Happie to find, engage and hire the right talent for a hard-to-fill position. 


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So What Makes Us Different?


Put candidate sourcing on autopilot. Every week Happie sends you highly targeted passive candidates to fill the top of your recruitment funnel. No more long, difficult hours trolling job boards, talent databases and social media.


Syndicate your open jobs on Happie to over 100 job boards, and Happie filters out candidates who aren't a good fit for your open role — all at no extra cost. No more sifting through piles of unqualified candidates to find needles in the haystack.


Automate candidate outreach with personalized, multi-channel nurture campaigns, designed to build awareness of your employer brand and interest in your unique opportunity. A fresh batch of matched candidates is added every week. 


Keep track of candidates as they automatically move through different stages of Happie's sourcing funnel. Get the candidate pipeline insights you need, and focus on engaging highly targeted Happie candidates who are ready to talk.  


Attract top talent with beautiful landing pages that showcase your company culture, team workstyle and open roles' responsibilities. Build your employer brand with a shareable asset that speaks to what candidates care about. 


Fill your talent pipeline with the best passive and active candidates who match your open roles. Human subject-matter experts, proprietary algorithms, and progressive calibration ensure you're only looking at 'A' players.

Happie is where companies find the best talent, fast. 

We replace time-consuming, ineffective candidate sourcing techniques with human subject matter experts, algorithmic matching and one-click engagement. 

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What Our Customers Say

Victoria Rowland - Millennium Alliance - Happie Testimonial

"I love Happie! I love working with the team — they're super helpful! The biggest thing is candidate flow. When I see a candidate from Happie, 99% of the time it's worth setting up an interview. In general, the more candidates the better, but quality is the driver. So much more efficient than scrolling through resumes. I love the subscription pricing! We're constantly hiring, and this is incredibly cost efficient."


Victoria Rowlandmill-all-white-logo.png

Vice President, Talent Acquisition & Strategic Partnerships

Ben Dystra - Advanced Disposal - Happie Customer Testimonial

"Happie is working very, very well for us. It gives me a new source of candidates that I didn't have before, and also does all the work for me. It saves me all the time I would have had to spend myself on finding and reviewing these candidates. We're making our first offer today. We're very pleased with the service!"


Ben Dykstra

Area Sales Manager



Samantha Lennon - Green Street Solar - Happie Testimonial

"I'm so happy with Happie! The platform is super easy to use. It fits in great with my busy schedule, and makes staffing easy and painless. I've been using it for about a month and have already made an offer to a candidate through Happie! As a startup, our hiring needs are always changing. Happie makes it easy to update and change our requirements, which really meets our needs."


Samantha Lennon

General Manager



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