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Text Messaging Outreach

Quickly engage candidates on their mobile phones, using powerful text message campaigns and a simple chat interface. Get your response rates higher, faster.

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Candidate Webchat | Happie | Talent Engagement Platform

Live Webchat & AI-Powered Chatbot

Instantly engage potential candidates visiting your open jobs and landing pages. Let the AI-powered chatbot do the heavy lifting of gathering info and answering basic questions.

Automated Nurture Campaigns

Put persistence on autopilot with automated email and text message nurture campaigns. Insert dynamic content from candidate profiles to rehumanize your messages with personalization. 

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Action-Oriented Reporting

Seamlessly move from insight to action, with no-nonsense reporting, drill-ins to see who's doing what, and quick bulk actions that enable you to easily wield the platform's power across behavioral segments of candidates. 

Mobile-Friendly Landing Pages

Quickly build beautiful landing pages to promote your open jobs without writing a single line of code. Use intuitive inline editing and page settings to make employer branding as easy as writing copy and selecting backgrounds.

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Candidate Profile Data Enhancement

Automagically find candidate info with one click. Freshen up and augment profile info for candidates you source or already have in your ATS. Find alternative email addresses and phone numbers for hard-to-reach candidates.


Easy ATS Integration

We happily integrate with your favorite ATS. 

Our world-class engineering team and open APIs make Happie-ATS integration seamless. Looking for something specific?

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What Our Customers Say


"Before using Happie, we were missing out on so many potential candidates because we didn't have the resources to engage them in a way that would get them to respond. Happie's SMS outreach was a game-changer and allowed us to reach candidates right at their fingertips, wherever they were at any given time. It was exactly what we needed."


Nathan Pogue

Technical Lead



Samantha Lennon - Green Street Solar - Happie Testimonial

"I'm so happy with Happie! The platform is super easy to use. It fits in great with my busy schedule, and makes staffing easy and painless. As a startup, our hiring needs are always changing. Happie makes it easy to update and change our requirements, which really meets our needs."


Samantha Lennon

General Manager



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