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We identify your Total Talent Universe — the entire population of candidates who match your target profile.

Our multi-channel outreach  technology engages your candidates in a conversation about your open role.

We screen and introduce qualified and interested candidates for you to interview and hire. 

How It Works


Post your open roles. Simply tell us who you need and where the job is. We can get started within 24 hours.


Let us craft a great story.
Tell us why your opportunity is great. We’ll turn that into a compelling, branded employer profile and cool content about the role that excites candidates.


AI-powered sourcing.
Our lightning-fast, AI-powered matching algorithm sources and engages best-fit talent on your behalf.


Human-assisted screening.
Our smart, helpful humans screen and setup interviews, making your life easier. You only speak to candidates who are qualified and interested in your opportunity. Hire as many as you need, for a fraction of the cost of a traditional recruiting agency.

What Makes Us Different?

AI-Powered Automation

You need to fill your roles now and Happie provides a streamlined, painless process. We use machine learning and data science to build a matching talent pipeline in under 24 hours.

Multi-Channel Engagement

We craft compelling content about your employer brand and opportunity, and activate top passive candidates through insight-driven, multichannel messaging that works.

Technology & The Human Touch

Human-assisted screening and interview scheduling means you'll find your dream candidate with less hassle. 100% of candidates you meet are qualified and interested in your opportunity.

Happie is where companies get better talent, faster

Happie is a tech-enabled recruiting service that combines human expertise with smart automation to fill your open roles faster.

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What Our Customers Say

Victoria Rowland - Millennium Alliance - Happie Testimonial

"I love Happie! I love working with the team — they're super helpful! The biggest thing is candidate flow. When I see a candidate from Happie, 99% of the time it's worth setting up an interview. In general, the more candidates the better, but quality is the driver. So much more efficient than scrolling through resumes. We're constantly hiring, and this is incredibly cost efficient."


Victoria Rowlandmill-all-white-logo.png

Vice President, Talent Acquisition & Strategic Partnerships

Ben Dystra - Advanced Disposal - Happie Customer Testimonial

"Happie is working very, very well for us. It gives me a new source of candidates that I didn't have before, and also does all the work for me. It saves me all the time I would have had to spend myself on finding and reviewing these candidates. We're making our first offer today. We're very pleased with the service!"


Ben Dykstra

Area Sales Manager



Samantha Lennon - Green Street Solar - Happie Testimonial

"I'm so happy with Happie! The platform is super easy to use. It fits in great with my busy schedule, and makes staffing easy and painless. As a startup, our hiring needs are always changing. Happie makes it easy to update and change our requirements, which really meets our needs."


Samantha Lennon

General Manager