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Frequently Asked Questions

Need help? Below is a list of general frequently asked questions about Happie.


My Happie Account

What can I do on Happie?

Happie identifies the ideal candidates that you need to be speaking with in your market, and then engages them directly. You're also able to review and discuss profiles seamlessly with your team, as well as track your interactions with candidates until you hire them.


What can I expect during my engagement with Happie?

Once we receive information for the job you want to fill, Happie will create your custom jobs page, email and text messaging campaigns. You will also gain access to the Happie web application to manage your candidates, communicate with candidates, and collaborate with your colleagues and more. The majority of our customers are able to connect directly with an interested candidate within the first 1-2 business days after onboarding. You will continue to see interested candidates as our personalized automated recruitment marketing campaigns deliver to the candidate base.


Sourcing Candidates

What is unique about Happie’s approach to sourcing candidates?

The best candidates are not on the job boards indiscriminately applying to many jobs. The best candidates are Passive Candidates, who are busy working in their current job but may be interested in hearing about new opportunities. Happie identifies passive candidates who match your job specifications and markets your opportunity to them via a personalized automated outreach campaign. You step in when a candidate has expressed interest in your opportunity. This process yields a higher quality candidate population than other sources.

Are there industries or roles that Happie specializes in?

Happie supports companies recruiting for candidates in all roles and verticals.


Candidate Outreach

What channels does Happie use to reach out to candidates?

Happie reaches candidates by email and text message. Depending on the role, Happie uses additional outreach channels such as InMail and Facebook retargeting.

What do Happie’s campaigns look like?

Happie sets up email and SMS campaigns based on the job information you provide.

Can I send direct messages to candidates via. e-mail and SMS?

Yes, our Platform users can through the Happie web application. You can send individual messages to candidates, or send bulk messages to multiple candidates. You will be able to keep track of candidate’s responses via. e-mail notifications and a candidate’s activity feed.


For our Platform offering, you can contact your candidates via. SMS through Happie.


Request A Demo

How can I request a demo?

Fill in the form below to request a demo.