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Hire Great Loan Officers

Just in time for your busy season


Happie helps mortgage companies throughout the US top performing LOs, Account Execs, and branch managers. Save time and hire the best mortgage talent before the season gets underway.

Happie clients include


With Happie, you can source & engage the top closing loan officers in your market, faster and with more precision to deliver better talent, and get more hires!


Why Now?

Mortgage loan officers do much of their business in the spring and summer, so if you want them on board and producing for you come June, you need to start recruiting them now.


Why Happie?

Happie has the largest database of loan officers, account execs, mortgage advisors, mortgage consultants, and other mortgage professionals in the US, and deep expertise on how to engage them with your offer.

How it Works


Nail down your ideal candidate profile and our proprietary sourcing software identifies your entire talent universe.  We’ll target the candidates with exactly the qualifications you need at unmatched speed & scale.


Enhanced, rich media job pages, crafted with a discerning eye for your brand, communicates your compelling opportunity in a way that appeals to top closers.


Happie's multi-channel outreach platform, powered by AI and honed by human expertise, engages candidates where they are via email, text, social media, voicemail, webchat and live phone calls.


When candidates express interest, you will be alerted and can seamlessly slide right into the discussion. This way, you’ll engage with candidates who are not only qualified, but interested and ready to talk with you.


Our approach drives extremely high-quality candidates who are ready to interview, and you don’t even have to lift a finger. Hire as many as you want, with zero contingencies or hidden fees.

Project Pricing to Match Your Needs

Our flexible pricing model allows you to hire as many candidates as you need, whether it’s that one perfect person or an entire team. 


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